The stigma associated with the coronavirus virus. The overall effect on the sector.

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Stigmas as a result of a lack of appropriate information

Stigmatisation is a process of dis-gracing someone. It involves taking away the honour and credit that had been allocated or associated with someone. The effect is stigma around those who are disgraced. The modern-day society describes this process as falling from grace. The individual, organisation, community, countries of the world that is disgraced loses its honour. Coronavirus is a virus that has recently affected us, and a lot of research and theories are currently being granted to society. There are a lot of myths and facts about the disease. The information that is currently being provided changes daily.

We currently have a society that is divided due to:

a). Law enforcement's expectations;

b). Medical fields expectations;

c). Research expectations;

d). The general public or members of society's expectations;

e). Government's expectations; and

f). Non-governmental organisation's expectations.

The changes in the information daily, shapes our society's values, cultures, actions and beliefs. The way we act and react to news can be negative or positive. If we respond negatively, it creates mistrust and stigmas for those who need protection. Stigma, in turn, shapes the society that we live. A nation that cannot trust can end up discriminating against each other. Are we likely to see an expansion of this market? Will this expansion not come at the expense of the equality and fairness act 2010?

Charities and organisations that deal with stigma:

There are a lot of charities and organisations that deal with stigma. We currently have a London based organisation BAME, which ensures equal and fair treatment in terms of race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, beliefs and cultures. This organisation currently has guidance for ethnic and minority groups to help them deal with Corona Virus and also ensure that they are not subject to stigma and discrimination as a result. Is there a possibility that we will likely see backlash due to the mobility, mortality and exposure rates associated with the different groups of society. Is this likely to result in stigmatisation of certain groups or populations in comparison to others? The issue of stigma can only be answered using figures, facts and statistics and provided data providers.

We also have other organisations such as:


b). Time to change;

c). Help guide;

d). Freedom from fear;

e). No stigma network;

f). National Network to eliminate Disparities in behavioral health;

g). Depart of health and social care;

h). Mental health channel;

I). Mind; and

j). Rethink mental health.

Which are all charities that are created to deal with stigma, effects, address, resolve and heal victims.

Society intolerances and effect on the trusts and estates market:

Intolerant and harmful society can result in more charities and trusts creation. The creation of trusts bridges the gap on the key issues affecting the community. The result is an expansion of the Estates and Trusts market. Charities address negativity and intolerances in society.

This can:

a). Create employment for trustees, beneficiaries and administrators;

b). Allow for channels of communication, reconciliation and healing for those affected;

c). Allow the society to be empowered and in control of dealing with their issues and problems;

d). Give the nation the security and trust that it needs to function;

e). Provide support structures and pillars for a healthy functioning society;

f). Allow for peace, love and harmony in communities, organisations, countries and the whole world;

g). Allow for cooperation and unity among the citizens, and

h). Give the states the security to deal with their issues and look ahead to harmoniously dealing with others.

In a peaceful and harmonious society, we have a prosperous nation, country and the whole world, creating positive effect, addressing stigma and resulting in growth and expansion of this sector.

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