Discretionary trusts, their advantages and the contributions to the trust market

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Discretionary trusts:

Discretionary trusts are types of trusts where the trustees can make decisions on how the income generated by the trust gets used. This decision making can be wholly or partly. They can also decide on how to use the capital that is caused by the trust. This whole process uses a trust deed. A trust deed is a" deed of conveyance, creating and setting out the conditions of trust."

The deed allows the trustees to decide what:

a). Income or capital to be paid out;

b). Who among the beneficiaries to make the payment to;

c). When and how regular the payments are; and

d). Circumstances or situations to consider when making payments, to ensure the necessary conditions get imposed.

Advantages of discretionary trusts:

a). Future financial planning;

b). Allows for managing multiple class of assets in one trust;

c). Can be used for family planning,

d). They aid those who are not capable or responsible for their financial dealings; and

e). Allow for privacy and secrecy around the financial affairs of individuals or families.

Contributions of the discretionary trusts to the trust market:

The discretionary trusts can help consolidated and reduce the complexities of managing and administering the funds on behalf of the beneficiaries. This process uses a deed of conveyancing. The use of deeds can result in employment creation. Employment expansion can result in an economic boost in the territories in which these trusts operate. The process of accumulation of income or making payments at discretion can also result in employment creation and economic growth. There are also tax consequences associated with income that is accumulated and paid at discretion. T

The tax implications result in employment creation. The process of tax calculations can become a complicated process, and hence special rates are used and enforced to achieve this objective. This complexity can result in more employment creation and the economic boost in the jurisdiction in which these complex trusts operate. The increases in employment and economic growth can result in the expansion of the whole trust market.

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